Sizzix Quilting

Sizzix Quilting

Quilting is your life! Or perhaps you are beginning to dabble in textile crafting. The Sizzix Big Shot Fabric Series will take the guesswork out of precise cutting and creating. Not only are you saving time by cutting multiple layers of fabric at once, think of the shapes that you can replicate over and over with the turn of a handle.

The possibilities only stop at your imagination with a manual machine at your fingertips.



The Sizzix Fabric Series Essentials

  • Larger working area
  • Quick and accurate cuts every time
  • Transport by easy carry handle
  • Compatible with 9" wide dies
  • Cuts many different materials
  • Includes appliqué die
  • Makes AccuQuilt® GO!® dies compatible with Big Shot Plus and Big Shot Pro machines*
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Provides consistent pressure with every pass
  • Easy-to-read and use diagram for Sizzix sandwich
  • Quick and accurate renderings with a laser cut preview
  • Updated with new, more robust eCAL2 software
  • Cut and create your own designs
  • Compatible with Mac, Android or PC
  • Cuts many different materials, including paper, magnet, adhesive film and vinyl
  • Compatible with the eclips2
  • High tack Mat holds fabric in place during cutting
  • Tacky surface makes placement of smaller fabric easier
  • Grid and side rule for easy material placement
  • Assists in removing thread and fuzz from the Fabric Cutting Mat
  • Designed to keep the Fabric Cutting Mat clean
  • Soft-touch handle for ease of use
  • Strong metal scraper
  • Industrial strength for high usage/high quantity
  • Compatible with 12" wide dies
  • Cuts many different materials
  • Includes extended length accessories
  • Save time with quick and precise cuts (no ruler slippage)
  • Cut curvy and intricate shapes with ease
  • Cut up to 8 layers of fabric at once
  • Steel-rule construction allows for years of use with no need for sharpening, ever!
  • Create shapes from a wide range of materials, including paper, thin craft metal, fabrics, leather and more
  • Quick and accurate cuts every time
  • Transport by easy carry handle
  • Compatible with 6" wide dies
  • Includes appliqué die

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The Sizzix Fabric Series:
Where Creativity Meets Technology

The eclips2 DIY electronic shape-cutting machine is new to our fabric-cutting family. Some helpful features include:

  • Scrap Mode to optimize use of all your fabric
  • Import/Export SVG files to works with embroidery software
  • "Fussy Cut" for fabric details with appliqué
  • Pen Option to make your own embroidery pattern

Fabric crafting isn’t all pillows and quilts

The Sizzix Big Shot Fabric Series allows makers the versatility to craft material or fabric into something amazing. Working with fabric is translating your ideas into fashionable, wearable pieces or updating your home décor and even designing larger art pieces.

The Big Shot Fabric Series and eclips2 make creating easy by giving accurate and efficient cuts each time. The adaptability of the manual and digital machines are paired with hundreds of dies, images and project ideas from our talented team of designers.

The Sizzix Blog is a great source of inspiration for any fabric project.


Expand your workshop

Projects are no longer limited to standard fabric such as batiks, cotton and linen. Now you easily cut denim, leather, vinyl and more.

The Sizzix Big Shot Fabric Series has endless possibilities for many materials and projects. These revolutionary systems created by our designers and engineers have made a once tedious job quick and easy for the ultimate creative enjoyment.

Our collection of Sizzix dies creates the endless potential for home décor, fashion and gift-giving projects. Click here to browse the fabric dies.


*AccuQuilt®, AccuQuilt® GO!® and AccuQuilt® Studio ® are registered trademarks of Tek Industries, Inc. Ellison is not associated with Accuquilt, Inc. or Tek Industries, Inc. and no associations should be implied.

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