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  • Stamp2Cut - Intro

    Stamp2Cut - Intro

    Welcome to Stamp2Cut! Discover for yourself how easy it is to cut around Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous images with your eclips Electronic Shape-Cutting Machine.

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  • Stamp2Cut - Tips on Registration Marks and Custom Shapes

    Stamp2Cut - Tips on Registration Marks and Custom Shapes

    Questions about registration marks? This brief video offers important answers about how to easily indicate your registration marks for cutting, while also exploring the uniqueness of customized shapes.

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  • Stamp2Cut - Summary

    Stamp2Cut - Summary

    Once you've seen an eclips Stamp2Cut cartridge in action, you know why stamping and shape-cutting will never be the same again. Watch as Tim Holtz concludes his guided tour of this revolutionary Sizzix product.

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  • Stamp2Cut - Cutting Pieces

    Stamp2Cut - Cutting Pieces

    Did you know that certain shapes on an eclips cartridge can be cut as individual pieces or all together? Learn how to fully benefit from this exciting feature from none-other-than Tim Holtz himself.

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  • Stamp2Cut - Cutting the Shadow

    Stamp2Cut - Cutting the Shadow

    Looking to layer? Tim Holtz shows you how to create cool shadows with the eclips Shadow feature.

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  • Stamp2Cut - Using the eclips

    Stamp2Cut - Using the eclips

    When you're ready to cut with quick precision around your Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous stamps, the eclips Machine can make the magic happen! Let Tim Holtz personally show you how to get just the right cut.

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