Raccoon Corner Bookmark

Project #12135

Motivate student reading with this crafty Raccoon Corner Bookmark.


Supplies Used: Adhesive, Construction paper or cardstock, Crayons or markers, Pen (black)

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Die-cut the Bookmark, Corner Raccoon shape from assorted colors of construction paper or cardstock.
  2. Attach the ear piece to the triangular base.
  3. Turn the base over, and add the other details to the raccoon's face. Attach a scrap of colored paper behind the eye holes, if desired.
  4. Fold the tabs on the perforations of the triangular base, add adhesive to the tabs and attach the triangular section to the square base.
  5. Attach the nose circle piece to the point of the corner, or use a black marker to create a nose (Main Photo).
  6. The bookmark slides onto the corner of the book page to mark the student's place (Figures A & B).
  7. Discuss and read about animals found in the forest and their eating habits. Students can make the bookmark to coordinate with forest and woodland habitats (and garbage cans).

  • Fig. A

  • Fig. B

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