Butterfly Canvas Wall Hanging

Project #12504

For a meaningful expression, look no further than Tim Holtz. This Tim-inspired project is sure to help spread your creative wings, while celebrating life's journey.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Acrylic Paints, Brads, Corrugated Cardboard, Ink Pads-Ranger Inks, Metallic Paint Pen, Music Paper, Paper Clip, Pop-Dots, Ribbon, Sponge Dauber, Twine, Water Mister, Wire

  1. To create background for Patchwork Texture Fades, apply several colors of ink pads to a non-porous surface. Mist area with water. Place paper face down into watercolor inks. Allow to dry. 
  2. Apply Texture Fades to paper. Take a darker ink pad and run it over the top of the Fade.  Adhere to a mat cut slightly larger than the Fade.
  3. Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle. Peel back some of the outside paper to reveal corrugation.  Apply vintage ink to cardboard.  Adhere Texture Fades to cardboard. Tie ribbon around cardboard. 
  4. Apply a different Texture Fades to paper. Embellish with vintage ink. Trim to fit area next to original Fade and adhere in place.
  5. Die-cut butterfly from mat board. Die-cut inner wings from ink-colored music paper. Assemble and adhere to Fade. Embellish with curled wire. Lightly embellish butterfly with ink dauber and metallic paint pen.
  6. Die-cut Hanging Sign from mat board. Attach to hanging with brads. Cut rectangle from cardstock to fit inside sign.  Stamp sentiment inside and attach to sign with pop-dots.  Embellish with vintage ink.
  7. Die-cut keys from double-sided silver paper.  Apply Texture Fades to one or both keys. Use acrylic paint to add aging to keys. Use string to attach keys together. Clip onto wall hanging with metal clip.
  8. Punch two small holes at top of corrugated base. Add wire into holes, using a pencil to create loops.

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