Monogrammed Circle & Flower Bracelet

Project #12812

It’s perfectly yours! Put your own special mark on this Monogrammed Circle & Flower Bracelet. Every detail demonstrates your unique style blended with our versatile Jewelry Dies.

Other Supplies: Acrylic, Beads, Charms, Diamond Glaze, E6000 Glue, Jewels, Metal Medallion, Monogram Printed on Cardstock, Pre-Made Bracelet

Print a computer-generated monogram onto cardstock. Crop the monogram using the Circles #4 die. Die-cut the same size Circle out of clear acrylic. Adhere the front of the monogram to the acrylic Circle using Diamond Glaze to create a charm. Adhere charm to a metal medallion and glue to pre-made bracelet. Embellish with jewels and small charms.

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