Thinking of You Hanging Gift Bag

Project #12858

Thinking of that special someone? Show them how much they mean to you by adding your personal touch to this lovely project. Complete the fun by filling the finished project with all your heart-filled (or flower-filled) desires.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Craft Metal Wire, Felt, Floral Spray, Hot-glue Gun, Ink, Patterned Paper, Ribbon, Stamp, Wooden Dowel

Die-cut a Hanging Bag out of patterned paper and embossed cardstock. Emboss the cardstock using an embossing folder of your choice. Fold along crease lines and assemble. Form craft wire into a handle. Trim to size and attach to the Bag. Wrap a ribbon around the Bag and tie in a bow. Die-cut a Paisley out of cardstock and patterned paper, layer colors to assemble and attach to the Bag. Die-cut 3-D Flowers from felt and assemble according to the die instructions. Attach to the Bag using hot-glue. Die-cut Flower #17 from cardstock and patterned paper, layer colors to assembled and attach to the Bag. Place a floral spray inside the bag. Stamp a sentiment on cardstock, trim to size and attach to a thin wooden dowel. Place inside Bag with floral arrangement.

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