Flourishes Embellished Photo Mat

Project #12963

For dazzling details like this elegantly embellished photo mat, Ink-its Letterpress Plates offer impressive possibilities for any level of crafter. Just look at how they create incredible ink-debossed images as the perfect accents for any cherished photo.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Frame, Hot-glue, Lace, Pigment Ink, Ribbon, Straight Pins, Watercolor Paper, Watermark Ink

Trim pieces of cardstock to fit inside a frame to form a mat. Apply clear watermark ink to the Flourishes letterpress plate. Apply orange pigment ink to the same letterpress plate, carefully place the watercolor paper on top of the plate and deboss using your Big Shot, BIGkick or Vagabond machine. Remove the debossed paper and set aside to dry. Once dry, trim to size and adhere to the mat. Crop a photo to size and adhere to the mat. Cut a strip of lace and adhere across the bottom of the mat to frame the photo. Die-cut 3-D Flowers from cardstock and assemble. Attach to the mat with hot-glue. Embellish with decorative straight pins and a ribbon bow. Place the mat inside the frame.

If using regular cardstock with the Ink-its letterpress plate and not getting the impression you desire, place a thin piece of craft foam between the top cutting pad and your paper. Use pigment ink layered over clear watermark ink and medium weight (or heavier) watercolor paper - 100 lbs or more - for best results.

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