Wildflower Vines Pendant Necklace

Project #12996

Seemingly intricate, but amazingly easy, this attractive jewelry design offers a sweet perspective. It's ideal for almost any occasion and can be customized to fit any color scheme. Best of all, you can make it in no time with a Vintaj DecoEmboss Die.

Other Supplies: Alcohol Inks, Clear Embossing Powder, Heat Tool (or Melting Pot), Vintaj Figaro Chain, Vintaj Tanglewood fastenable (Vintaj Item# FS019)

Emboss a Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Metal blank using the Wildflower Vines DecoEmboss die. Add a variety of alcohol inks onto the embossed blank. Add or remove ink as desired. Let dry. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Finish by applying a clear embossing powder as a sealant and using a heat tool (or melting pot) to set. Rivet the Tanglewood fastenable (Vintaj Item# FS019) to the blank. Add a crystal bead to the fastenable using a head pin and jump ring. Loop a length of chain through the Tanglewood fastenable and add a clasp using jump rings to form a necklace.

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