Peace on Earth Ornament

Project #13025

Make peace this holiday season! These easily cut shapes come courtesy of our Framelits Dies collection. They elegantly decorate and delight by letting you see what you cut without any ridges to obscure perfect registration.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Pre-glittered Patterned Paper, Bead, Button, Glitter, Hole Punch, Jump Rings, Pliers, Ribbon, Velvet Leaves

Cut a large square from pre-glittered patterned paper. Cut smaller squares from cardstock and patterned paper. Stack squares and adhere together. Embellish with glitter. Punch a hole at the top of the largest square. Add a ribbon for hanging and embellish with velvet leaves and a decorative button. Cut a small square from pre-glittered patterned paper. Attach a sentiment, hand-cut from patterned paper. Punch holes at the top and bottom of the small square. Attach the small square the large square with a jump ring. Attach a hanging bead to the small square with a jump ring.

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