Sew Lovely Scrapbook Page

Project #13197

Make your own mark and a fashion statement! This stylish scrapbook page features drawings made with the eclips Machine, Pen Holder and Decorative Doodles cartridge. For added fun, use a glue pen in the Pen Holder to create shapes that truly sparkle with glitter.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Blending Tool, Buttons, Ink, Markers, Sewing Machine (Optional

Draw a Sew Lovely Page design onto a 12" x 12" piece of cardstock using a pen holder with a black marker, the eclips Machine and the Decorative Doodles cartridge. Add color with markers and ink the left side and bottom of the page using a blending tool. Cut various sized pieces of patterned paper and attach to the page. If desired, embellish with stitching. Attach a photo to the page. Cut a sewing machine embellishment from cardstock using the eclips Machine and the Decorative Doodles cartridge, ink edges and attach to the page. Finish by adhering buttons to the page.

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