Midnight Vineyard Necklace

Project #13263

Let creativity flow! This Midnight Vineyard Necklace gives just the right taste to any jewelry creation. Using the Sizzix DecoEmboss Wildflower Vines by Vintaj, it elegantly etches an intricate pattern onto a Vintaj metal blank. Embellish with Vintaj Patinas and Glaze and you'll have the shiny object that everyone desires.

Other Supplies: 12mm Circle Tag Altered Blank (Vintaj Item# DP0004R) (DP0004), 15mm Jump Ring (Vintaj Item# JR60R) (JR60), 7.25mm Jump Ring (Vintaj Item# JR40R) (JR40), 4.75mm Jump Rings (Vintaj Item# JR20R) (JR20), 52mm x 40mm Treasured Maple (Vintaj Item# P0514R) (P0514), 7mm Filigree Bead Cap (Vintaj Item# BC10R) (BC10), 8mm Foliage Bead Cap (Vintaj Item# BC160R) (BC160), Vintaj Patina - Jade (Vintaj Item# VPK34827), Vintaj Glaze (Vintaj Item# VPK34834), 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers (Vintaj Item# V-PLHP15-SH), Coconut Shell Flower Beads, Faceted Drops, Glass Leaves, Hook & Eye Clasp, Laser Cut Round Beads, Potato Freshwater Pearls

Emboss two Circle Tags and a Treasured Maple Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Metal blank using the Wildflower Vines DecoEmboss die. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Use a paint brush to apply Vintaj Jade Patina to one of the Treasured Maple Blank. While Patina is still slightly wet, buff with the dark gray side of the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Punch or drill four additional holes along the bottom and the top of the embossed Treasured Maple blank. Dangle clusters of beads from the bottom of the Leaf and dangle a leaf bead from the top middle of the Leaf. Attach the embossed Treasured Maple blank to a larger jump ring to form a centerpiece. Create the necklace by linking a variety of beads, capped beads, jump rings and a clasp. Attach each side of the necklace to the centerpiece. For added interest, dangle leaf beads, including the Circle Tag embossed blanks from the larger rings along the necklace. If desired, Vintaj Glaze can be used as a sealer for natural metals to prevent oxidation. It is fast-drying, durable and permanent with a satin finish.

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