Weathered in Nature Necklace

Project #13275

This project has it all — elegant embossed and etched images onto metal, an array of bright beautiful colors and you! Put your own unique touches onto this assortment of Vintaj metal blanks made with Sizzix DecoEmboss and DecoEtch Dies by Vintaj.

Other Supplies: 16.5mm Filigree Sunflower (Vintaj Item# DP0010R) (DP0010), 20mm x 14mm Embossed Keyhole (Vintaj Item# DP411R) (DP411), 22.5mm x 9.5mm Perching Owl (Vintaj Item# ADP0012R) (ADP0012), 22mm Delicate Leaf Charm (Vintaj Item# ADP0024R) (ADP0024), 22mm x 10mm Embossed Key Bric-A-Brac (Vintaj Item# AHW015R) (AHW015), 36mm x 23.5mm Tiered Leaves (Vintaj Item# AFS0002R) (AFS0002), 36mm x 36.5mm Skyward Bird (Vintaj Item# P0050R) (P0050), 42mm x 20mm Perched Owl (Vintaj Item# P0052R) (P0052), 51mm x 63mm Dragonfly (Vintaj Item# P0033R) (P0033), 52mm x 17mm Feathered Left Wing (Vintaj Item# P0047R) (P0047), Vintaj Glaze (Vintaj Item# VPK34834), Vintaj Patinas - Weathered Copper (Vintaj Item# VPK34827), Vintaj Patinas - Rusted Hardware (Vintaj Item# VPK34803), Vintaj Patinas - Retro Highway (Vintaj Item# VPK34797), Chain, Clasp

Emboss a variety of Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Metal blanks using the Acorn Hollow and Nouveau Roses DecoEmboss dies and the Fairy Twilight and Tulip Garden DecoEtch dies. Use a paint brush to apply Vintaj Patinas to the blanks, embellishments and charms. While Patina is still slightly wet, buff with the dark gray side of the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Dangle embossed blanks, embellishments and charms to a length of chain. Add a clasp at the end of the chain to form a necklace. If desired, Vintaj Glaze can be used as a sealer for natural metals to prevent oxidation. It is fast-drying, durable and permanent with a satin finish.

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