Headstone Treat Bag Cover

Project #13459

Let's be gravely serious for a moment. When you don't have a lot of time to create (but what to make it look like you did), a project like this is frightfully good! Imagine the spooky attention you'll get down to the last scary detail.

Other Supplies: Treat Bag, Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Ink, Ribbon, Stamp

Fill a bag with treats and secure closed. Die-cut two Headstones out of cardstock. Embellish with stamped designs. Ink the edges and splatter with ink. Die-cut the numbers "31" out of patterned paper, ink and attach to the Headstones. Cut a piece of cardstock, a little wider than the base of the treat bag, fold up a small portion on opposite sides of the base and adhere along the bottom of the Headstones. Adhere the tops of the Headstones to the treat bag. Embellish with a ribbon bow.

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