Chicken Favor Box

Project #14480

What's cuter than cute? How about this Chicken Favor Box? With the help of the Cherished collection by Eileen Hull, you can easily create party favors or gifts for just about any occasion.

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Chalk, Ink, White Marker

Die-cut a Block/Cube/Bank out of mat board (you'll need to cut two pieces to form one Box). Fold along the score lines to assemble the Box. Die-cut a 3-D Bow Tie out of red cardstock and fold along the crease lines to assemble. Cut the Bow Tie in half and adhere to the top of the Box to form a comb. Die-cut two Ornamental Labels out of patterned paper and attach on opposite sides of the Box to form wings. Embellish two black cardstock circles with white marker and attach to the Box to form eyes. Cut a beak and wattle out of cardstock and patterned paper and attach to the Box. Die-cut a Heart from the Blocks/Cubes die out of cardstock, embellish with black ink and white marker and attach to the Box. Add color to the cheeks with chalk. Curl strips of black patterned paper and attach to the Box to form a tail.

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