Summer Florals Topiary

Project #14569

Welcome nature indoors with this idea that you can use for a gift or centerpiece arrangement. The instructions below teach you how you can create this spectacular display in just a few steps.

Other Supplies: Floral Foam, Hot-Glue Gun, Jewels, Mini Mushroom, Moss, Patterned Paper, Planter, Ribbon, Stamens, Wooden Dowel, Wreath Form

Place floral foam in a planter and adhere in place using hot glue. Attach a heart-shaped wreath form to one end of a thin wooden dowel and place the other end of the dowel into the planter to form a topiary. Wrap ribbon around the exposed dowel and tie in a bow. Place moss and a mushroom in the planter to cover the floral foam. Die-cut Summer Florals out of tissue paper, bend petals to add dimension, add stamens to the flower centers and adhere to topiary. Add Leaves. Die-cut a butterfly from Heart Pendant die out of patterned paper and adhere to topiary. Embellish with jewels.

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