Dream Mannequin Burlap Canvas

Project #14995

Make the past very much present. This classically designed card captures a forever timeless quality with images that everyone can appreciate.


Other Supplies: Burlap Canvas, Mat Board, Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Tracing Paper, Button, Ink, Metal Embellishment, Ribbon, Stamps, Straight Pins, Twine

Lightly apply paint to a burlap canvas. Trim a piece of patterned paper to fit along the right side of the canvas and adhere in place. Die-cut a mannequin out of mat board and patterned paper-covered mat board. Distress with ink and stamps. Adhere the mannequin to the canvas using adhesive foam to give dimension. Embellish the mannequin with ribbon and crinkled pattern tracing paper. Wrap twine around the spool and it into a knot. Thread twine through the button and knot. Attach the button to the spool along with two pearl-head straight pins. Attach the spool to the canvas. Die-cut a small flower out of cardstock, distress with ink and embellish the flower center with a button. Bend the petals upward to give dimension. Finish by embellishing with a stamped sentiment, paper flower and metal clock embellishment.

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