Flowers Tea Towel

Project #15039

Give ordinary tea towels new life with the Homegrown & Handmade collection by Stephanie Ackerman. Simply die cut flowers and stitch them onto the towels for a colorful enhancement all can enjoy.

Other Supplies: Tea Towel, Cotton Fabric, Fusible Adhesive, Iron, Embroidery Floss, Sewing Machine

Cut several strips of cotton fabric into strips. Sew strips together. Press the seams open. Iron fusible adhesive to the wrong side of the pieced fabric. Do not remove the paper backing. This forms the fabric to cutout the Flowers. Die-cut Flowers out of the adhesive-backed fabric. Peel paper backing. Arrange as desired on a tea towel and heat fuse in place using an iron. Hand stitch around as desired using embroidery floss.

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