Floral Headband

Project #15623

This embellished headband is perfect for a small gift or as a party favor. It's so easy to make — just follow the simple directions below.

Other Supplies: Plastic Headband, Fabric, Coordinated Felt, Hot-Glue Gun, Needle and Coordinating Thread

  1. Cut a strip of material approximately 3cm wide x 40cm long and attach one end of the fabric strip to the end of the plastic headband using a hot-glue gun. Wrap fabric around headband as indicated, ensuring that the overlapped sections are even. Secure at the other end by stitching neatly.
  2. Cut out various felt and fabric spirals from the 3-D Flower Bigz die. Roll each spiral from the outside inwards and secure in the centre section with hot glue.
  3. Die-cut fabric Leaves using the Flower Layers & Leaves die. Arrange 3-D Flowers and Leaves onto the headband, then secure with hot glue.

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