Wedding Menu

Project #16426

It’s the perfect pairing! A beautiful handmade menu and your special event combine to create to a fresh approach to your dining adventures.

Other Supplies: White & Gold Cardstock, Assorted Bazzill Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Tweezers, Hot glue

  1. Use a computer to create the wedding menu text and print onto cardstock/paper.
  2. Trim the menu to size and mat onto a rectangle of gold cardstock before matting onto a larger rectangle of patterned cardstock.
  3. Die-cut the 3-D Flower from peach cardstock and assemble by rolling from the outside toward the centre with a pair of tweezers. Secure at the centre with a blob of hot glue and gently curl back the petals using the tweezers to create a more natural-looking bloom.
  4. Die-cut two pieces of the foliage from olive-coloured cardstock and gently curl the leaves to add a little dimension.
  5. Attach the Flower and foliage to the base of the menu.

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