Bride & Groom Bunting

Project #16429

Honor the happy couple in your own special way. This lovely bunting captures any couple's special day or anniversary in charming style.


Other Supplies: Length of White Ribbon, White Cardstock, Peach- and Coral-Colored Cardstock, Gold Cardstock, Hole Punch, Hot Glue Gun, PVA

  1. Die-cut several bunting shapes from white cardstock and then stick a 2cm band of peach cardstock to the top of each one using PVA to secure.
  2. Die-cut all of the Letters required using the Sassy Serif Letters and the Ampersand from the Serif Essentials Set using a combination of gold- and coral-colored cardstock as indicated. Use PVA to stick the Letters onto the bunting.
  3. Use a hole punch to make two holes in each of the bunting shape and then thread them onto ribbon length.
  4. Die-cut all of the flowers on the Tattered Florals die twice and then crumple and layer securing the layers together using a hot glue gun. Repeat this to create four flowers in total.
  5. Stick the flowers into position back to back on the ribbon using hot glue.

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