Large Poppy

Project #16720

Nothing says spring more than a lovely flower in a vase. Welcome spring in your own unique way with the help of the Brenda Walton collection from Sizzix.

Other Supplies: Shades of Pink, Red and Green Cardstock, Skinny Vase, 2mm Thick Wire, Hot Glue Gun, Length of Ribbon, Red Flower Centre

  1. Measure your wire and cut so that it is 1/3 longer than the height of your vase. Cut 1cm strips of green cardstock and starting at one end of the wire, wrap and stick the card with hot glue until the wire is entirely covered.
  2. Hot glue a bunch of red flower centres on to the end of the wire to start off the poppy assemble.
  3. Fold a piece of red cardstock in half and place onto the ‘comb’ shaped die in the Large Poppy set so that the fold of the card lies just within the fringed edge of the die and then cut. This will create a looped fringe which you can open out and smooth the fold before bending back over. Use a hot glue gun to fix into place around the flower centres.
  4. Repeat step 3 three or four times until the centre is 2.5cm in diameter.
  5. Die-cut the petals from pink cardstock. Crumple the petals over and over again until the cardstock becomes soft and leathery in texture.
  6. Use a hot glue gun to build up the poppy shape by attaching each of the petal shapes from the centre outwards, overlapping each one slightly to create a realistic effect.
  7. Curl over the edges of the petals periodically and then complete the poppy by attaching die-cut leaves using a hot glue gun.
  8. Place the poppy in a skinny vase and then embellish with a length of wide ribbon tied into a bow.

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