Mixed Media Guitar

Project #16756

Are you ready to rock? This rockin’ guitar amps up any décor with a fun vibe. It’s a fun and easy way to get in touch with your inner rock star!

Other Supplies: Electric Guitar Kit, Cardstock, Plain Paper, Assorted Distress Inks, Assorted Distress Paints, Assorted Findings, Canvas Fabric, Idea-ology Gadget Gears and Mini Cogs, Masking Tape, Mount Board, Paint Brushes, PVA Glue, Texture Paste, White Gesso

How to Make (Guitar Body):

  1. Take several sheets of thin plain paper and scrunch into a ball before flattening out retaining the creases.
  2. Apply PVA glue to the face of the guitar body and apply pieces of the creased paper tearing to size where appropriate.
  3. Create stencils using the Mixed Media #3 die set and apply texture paste through the stencils to add detail.
  4. Die-cut an assortment of cogs, letters and the picture frame from mount board. Die-cut and assemble an assortment of 3-D Flowers from stiff cardstock.
  5. Apply the die-cuts to the face of the body together with a selection of metal findings add the control knobs, pickup and bridge unit.
  6. Use strips of masking tape along the side of the body and apply several coats of white gesso over the face and sides of the guitar body.
  7. Once the base coats of gesso are dry, apply the green and blue coloured acrylics blending as you go.
  8. Allow to dry and water down the darker paints before applying over the areas of detail. Blot off any excess with a clean damp cloth.
  9. Use a dry brush technique with white gesso to enhance and add highlights to the raised detail.

How to Make (Guitar Neck):

  1. Mask of the sides of the headstock and die-cut the acanthus swirl from the Mixed Media #2 set in the centre of a piece of card. Use this as a stencil through which to apply the texture paste.
  2. Die-cut a cog from mount board and attach to the headstock. Once firmly attached trim away any overhang.
  3. Attach any findings and the guitar tuners. Apply the paints in the same order as with the body.
  4. Once everything is dry, remove the masking tape and mount the neck onto the body of the guitar before attaching the strings.

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