Stone House

Project #16766

Capture the essence of vintage. This Stone House accentuates the antique and is a welcome sight for any housewarming or party event.


Other Supplies: Plain Heavyweight Card, Assorted Distress Inks, Assorted Distress Paints, Flower Soft Paint Brush, Texture Paste

  1. Die-cut the window frames, door and porch supports from deep red heavyweight card. Die-cut several strips of the roof tiles from the same card.
  2. Die-cut the walls, front step and chimney from heavyweight card.
  3. Use the die from the Mixed Media #3 set that resembles a dry stone wall effect to create a stencil and use the stencil through which to apply texture paste to the walls and chimney and leave to dry.
  4. Paint the walls and chimney with grey acrylic and allow to dry before applying white acrylic using a dry brush technique to pick out the detail of the ‘stones’.
  5. Paint the window frames, door and porch supports pale with orange acrylic using the same dry technique to give the appearance of weathering.
  6. Use the dry brush technique one the ends of the tile strips and attach the strips to the roof and porch by overlapping them.
  7. Use Distress Inks to add contrast around the edges of the die-cuts.
  8. Apply some Flower Soft to the roof to give the appearance of moss.
  9. Assemble the house according to the instructions applied with the packaging.

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