Advent Calendar Stocking

Project #17445

Match the merriment of the season. From our quilting and appliqué collection, the Bigz Plus Stocking die and Bigz Penny Rug & Circles die combine for one of our coolest creations yet!

Fabric Requirements:

YardageFabricCutting Instructions
7" x 10"Green woolCut (2) mirror-image Stockings
Cut (1) hanger
5" x 5"Gold woolCut (2) Tongues
3" x 3"Ivory woolCut (1) number "1"
8" x 8"Red woolCut (1) toe
Cut (2) large Circles
Assorted embroidery floss


  • Finished Size: 7" x 5"
  • Fabric requirements are for one Stocking.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, all stitching is with one strand of embroidery floss.

Assembling the Project:

  1. Center red Toe onto front Stocking and sew around using a blanket stitch.
  2. Place Tongues on top edge of Stocking and stitch in place using a blanket stitch.
  3. Place one red Circle on each Tongue and stitch in place using a star stitch.
  4. Place the number onto the Stocking and stitch in place using a blanket stitch.
  5. Place the top and back together. Blanket stitch with two strands of floss around all edges.