Love Flowers Card #4

Project #18641

Love is in bloom, and so is your creativity! Share the depths of your feelings with a card that brings out the beauty of this lovely sentiment from the Sizzix Book Club collection.

Other Supplies:

  • Cardstock (Brown, Cream, Gold Glitter)
  • Patterned Paper
  • Adhesive Flat Dots
  • Brads (Small Metallic)
  • Double-Sided Tape or Tape Runner
  • Glue Stick
  • Gold Foil
  • Gold Paint Pen
  • Hole Punch (1/16")
  • Liquid Adhesive
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Tissue Paper (Dark Pink, Light Pink)

  1. Cut a 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece of cream cardstock. Fold it in half. Use the wavy frame die from the Journaling Cards, Flowers & Leaves set to die-cut the card base. Place the long edge of the die slightly over the folded edge of the cardstock, and die-cut. This creates a folded card base with three wavy edges and one straight edge.
  2. On the front of the card base, apply a glue stick to the wavy edges. Dab gold foil on top of the areas with glue until a desired gold foil effect is created.
  3. Cut a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of patterned paper. Use a gold paint pen along the edges of the patterned paper. Center and adhere the patterned paper to the front of the card base with double-sided tape.
  4. Die-cut out of brown cardstock the word Love from the Journaling Words set. Adhere the word to the bottom right side of the patterned paper. (*Note: This is a horizontal card, so the word should line up with a wavy edge on the card base.)
  5. Die-cut out of dark pink and light pink tissue paper the flowers from the Journaling Cards, Flowers & Leaves set. (*Note: Layer at least six pieces of tissue paper together when cutting so that you only have to die-cut each color once.) Die-cut out of gold glitter cardstock one set of the flowers from the same set. Stack and layer the tissue and gold glitter flowers as desired into five different stacks. Punch a hole in the center of each flower stack with a hole punch, and attach the flowers together with a brad.
  6. Die-cut out of gold glitter cardstock two of the same leaf shape from the Journaling Cards, Flowers & Leaves set.
  7. Along the straight edge of the card base, adhere the flower stacks and the leaf die-cuts with adhesive flat dots.

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