18" Doll Tank Top, Underwear & Diaper

Project #18770

Dress up your doll for summer! These fun clothes can be customized with unique fabrics and colors for fashion that makes a statement.

Fabric Requirements:

Yardage FabricInstructions
Fat 1/8Quilter's cotton for tank topCut (2) tank tops
Fat 1/8Quilter's cotton for underwear
or bathing suit bottom
Cut (2) bottom pieces
Fat 1/8Quilter's cotton for diaperCut (4) bottom pieces (2 outer fabrics, 2 for lining)
Cut (2) large tabs
1/4" Bias tape (or 1/2" fold-over elastic)
Lingerie elastic for underwear
Buttons, hook-and-loop fastener or snaps
Glue baste


  • All seam allowances are 1/4" unless noted.
  • Always lock in stitches at the beginning and the end to prevent unraveling.
  • Fat 1/8 = approximately 9" x 22"
  • If you are making a tank top/camisole, use 1/4" store-bought bias tape or make your own. (Because the tank top is so small, you don't have to cut your bias tape on the bias-it can be a straight cut if necessary.)
  • If you are making a "bathing suit," use a fold-over elastic in place of the bias tape.

Making Bias Tape:

  1. Make "bias tape" by cutting a 1" strip of fabric (length will depend on the length of your fabric and the section of the tank top it is being made for-to lengthen, place one piece right side down perpendicular on the end and sew the 45 degree angle [Fig. 1.]).
  2. Place fabric right side down, (press the seam open if necessary (Fig. 2a), and fold in half lengthwise so now the fabric is right side out on both sides (Fig. 2b).
  3. Open the fabric, and press both the raw edges inward toward the center fold (Fig. 2c). Fold in half again (on the original center fold) and press (Fig. 2d).

Assembling the Tank Top:

  1. Place a piece of bias tape (or fold-over elastic) along the top curved edge of both the front and back tank top pieces. Glue baste in place to prevent shifting.
  2. Topstitch along the inside edge (Fig. 3).
  3. Place bias tape along the side curves of the tank top starting at the armpit, leaving a space, and along the curve to the back side of the tank top to the armpit. Pin in place. (Tip: Before stitching in place, place the tank top over the doll, and adjust the space between the two bodice panels accordingly.)
  4. Topstitch along the inside edge on both sides (Fig. 4).
  5. Fold the tank top bodice panels so they are right sides together. Line up the side edges, and sew them together.
  6. Roll a double hem along the bottom edge and topstitch (Fig. 6). (Tip: To mix things up, add a ruffle along the bottom edge or some other decorative trim.)

Assembling the Underwear:

  1. Place two pieces right sides together, and sew the bottom center seam together (Fig. 7).
  2. Open up both halves to sew the flat edge of elastic along the top raw edges of both sides on the right side of the fabric (Fig. 8).
  3. Sew the flat edge of elastic to the curved leg opening edge on both sides (Fig. 8).
  4. Flip up (or out) the ruffled edge of the elastic and topstitch to secure the elastic (see Fig. 10).
  5. Fold the two halves right sides together to sew the left and right side seams (Fig. 9).

Assembling the Diaper:

  1. Sew two large tabs by sewing two tab pieces right sides together. Notch around the top curve. Turn right side out and topstitch. Make two tabs (Fig. 11).
  2. Sew a small piece of hook-and-loop fastener to each tab (Fig. 11).
  3. Place two outer pieces right sides together, and sew the bottom center seam together as done for the underwear step 1 (Fig. 7). Repeat for the lining.
  4. Open up both halves of the outer piece to pin the tabs to the top half so the hook-and-loop fastener is showing, one centered on each side. On the opposite half, sew the other hook-and-loop pieces (Fig. 12).
  5. Place the lining piece right side down on top of the outer piece. Beginning on one side of the bottom edge, sew all the way around to the other side. Leave a 1"-2" opening for turning (Fig. 13).
  6. Clip inward leg curves, and clip off the corners (not shown).
  7. Turn right side out and topstitch all the way around to close the opening (Fig. 14).
  8. Fold the diaper in half, and place the tabs on the front hook-and-loop pieces to secure (Fig. 15).

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