Winter Candy Bar Wrapper

Project #19261

Here's a cool idea! Make a wrapper with dies from the Winter Greetings collection and turn a candy bar into a holiday-themed treat.

Other Supplies: Cardstock (Blue, Silver Glitter, White), Baker's Twine (Silver-and-White Combo), Chocolate Bar, Double-Sided Tape or Tape Runner, Liquid Adhesive, Paper Trimmer, Scissors, Scoring Tool

  1. Die-cut twice out of blue cardstock the A7 Christmas Envelope Liner with the snowflake insert. Die-cut the Envelope Liner, without the insert, twice out of silver glitter cardstock.
  2. From the Tag w/Snowflakes set, die-cut out of blue cardstock the Just for You phrase once and the large tag twice. Die-cut out of silver glitter cardstock the small snowflake, the snowflake corner and the Just for You phrase once and the hole reinforcer twice. Die-cut the small tag once out of white cardstock.
  3. Cut along the crease lines of the silver glitter Envelope Liners. Set aside one silver glitter rectangle.
  4. Score along the crease lines of the blue Envelope Liners. Adhere the silver glitter triangular flaps to the inside of the blue Envelope Liner triangular flaps.
  5. Overlap and adhere together the rectangular portion of the two blue Envelope Liners. Adhere one silver glitter rectangular to the overlapped rectangle of the blue Envelope Liners.
  6. Adhere the silver glitter snowflake corner and one hole reinforcer on one large blue tag and the second hole reinforcer on the other large blue tag. Adhere together the two blue tags. Adhere the small silver glitter snowflake on one side of the small white tag. Slightly offset and adhere the blue and silver Just for You phrases on the other side of the white tag. Place a chocolate bar into the layered Envelope Liner wrapper, and close the flaps around the chocolate bar. Attach the blue tag to baker's twine, and tie the twine into a bow around the closed Envelope Liner wrapper. Slip the small white tag into the snowflake corner on the blue tag.

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