Mandala Fan Centerpiece

Project #19416

Put beauty at the center of your next table-setting. Inspired by America's foremost party and event planner, David Tutera, these fantastic fan designs make memorable party décor and more.

Other Supplies: Cardstock (Blue, Coral, Pastel Pink), Acrylic Paint (Blue, Coral, Pastel Pink), Double-Sided Tape or Tape Runner, Glue Gun, Paintbrush, Rhinestones (Clear), Wooden Craft Sticks (Large and Small)

  1. Paint two large craft sticks with blue and coral acrylic paint and one small craft stick with pastel pink acrylic paint to coordinate with the cardstock colors.
  2. Die-cut out of pastel pink cardstock the small Mandala Fan three times. Die-cut five times each the medium Mandala Fan out of blue cardstock and the large Mandala Fan out of coral cardstock.
  3. Adhere the die-cut panels of each Mandala Fan together with double-sided tape. Accordion fold the Mandala Fans. Adhere the end panels of each Mandala Fan to a coordinating painted craft stick with double-sided tape, creating half-circle fans. (The small pastel pink craft stick may need to be cut shorter to fit the bottom of the small Mandala Fan.) Use the Glue Gun to add a dot of hot glue to the gathered center of each fan to hold the center securely in place on the craft stick.
  4. Adhere a rhinestone on the gathered center of each Mandala Fan with the Glue Gun.
  5. Repeat the above steps with coordinating colors of cardstock for the desired number of half-circle Mandala Fans for additional centerpieces.

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