Bunny Headband

Project #19863

Stay ahead of the season and make a bunny headband. With this fun floral creation, you'll always be growing places!

Other Supplies: Cardstock (Blue, Cream, Dark Pink, Light Green, Light Pink), Felt (Blue, Cream, Dark Pink, Light Green, Light Pink, Yellow), Glue Gun, Headband, Pom-Poms (3 Pink), Spray Adhesive

  1. Adhere the dark pink, light pink, light green, blue and cream felt sheets to their corresponding color cardstock using spray adhesive. Leave some cream felt loose for the roses.
  2. Wrap the mint ribbon around the headband, using hot glue to fix in place.
  3. Die-cut four small Poppy petals out of dark pink cardstock-backed felt.
  4. Die-cut two small Poppy petals out of blue cardstock-backed felt.
  5. Die-cut four leaves out of light green cardstock-backed felt.
  6. Die-cut three Poppy centers out of cream cardstock-backed felt.
  7. Die-cut two scalloped-edged roses out of cream felt.
  8. Die-cut two large roses out of yellow felt.
  9. Use the large Oval Framelits to die-cut two 'ears' out of the cream cardstock-backed felt and two smaller inner ears out of light pink cardstock-backed felt.
  10. Hot glue the light pink inner ears onto the cream ears. Then fold the bottom of the ears under the headband hot glue in place.
  11. Layer two dark pink Poppy petals and hot glue in place.
  12. Repeat with the remaining two dark pink petals and the blue petals.
  13. Hot glue the cream centers in the middle of each Poppy, with a pink pom-pom on top.
  14. Roll the roses to form the flower and hot glue to hold.
  15. Pinch each leaf in half to add dimension.
  16. Glue the blue Poppy in the center of the headband, with a cream and yellow rose on either side. Glue the dark pink Poppies to the left and right of the arrangement in the middle.
  17. Glue the leaves in pairs behind the dark pink Poppies.

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