Best Bunnies Pillow

Project #19902

When it comes to inspiring ideas, every bunny is all ears! With Sizzix, it’s quick and easy to die-cut stylish shapes from fabric for unique embellishments.


Other Supplies: Fabric (Dark Pink, Light Pink, Mint, White), Iron, Lace Trim (White), Needle, Pillow Form, Pom-Poms (White x2), Sewing Machine, Thread (Cream, Mint, Pink, White)

  1. Cut out a square of dark pink fabric, 3/4" bigger than the pillow form at each edge.
  2. Cut two rectangles of dark pink fabric, one two-thirds of the length of the first cut out (same width), the other one measuring half the length of the first cut out (same width).
  3. Hem one end of each of the two smaller cut outs.
  4. Cut out a square of light pink fabric. Pin a 1/4" hem around each edge, including the white lace trim. Sew around the edges with white thread, removing pins as you go and fixing the lace trim in place.
  5. Iron a piece of iron-on adhesive to the white fabric and to a small piece of mint fabric.
  6. Die-cut the Best Bunnies out of the white fabric and the heart out of the mint fabric.
  7. Iron the Best Bunnies and heart onto the light pink square.
  8. Stitch around the Best Bunnies with cream thread and around the heart with mint thread.
  9. Hand stitch the pom-poms onto the Best Bunnies for tails.
  10. Sew the square onto the dark pink pillow cover using white thread and following the existing stitch line.
  11. Position the two dark pink rectangles on top of the pillow front, right sides together so the square and Best Bunnies are on the inside and the hemmed edges are on top.
  12. Pin all around the edges, joining the cover and the two dark pink cut outs.
  13. Sew around the edges with pink thread, removing pins as you go.
  14. Turn the pillow cover right side out and insert the pillow form.

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