Teddy Bear Softie

Project #19909

For a beary-y fun project, this one delivers many personalized paws-abilities.


Other Supplies: Felt (Beige, Dark Brown, Dark Pink, Light Brown, Light Pink), Embroidery Needle, Embroidery Thread (Light Pink), Glue Gun, Iron, Polyester Fiberfill

  1. Die-cut the Bear twice out of light brown felt.
  2. Iron a piece of adhesive onto the beige, dark brown and light pink felt.
  3. Die-cut two ears out of the beige felt, one nose out of dark brown felt, two buttons out of light pink felt and one tummy out of beige felt.
  4. Remove the adhesive backing from the die-cuts and iron into place on one of the Bear pieces.
  5. Pin the two Bears together and blanket stitch around the edges with light pink thread to join. Leave a small gap open. Stuff the Bear and then continue stitching to close.
  6. Die-cut the bow out of light pink felt and the bow center out of dark pink felt. Assemble using hot glue and hot glue into place on the Bear.

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