Peony Place Setting

Project #20030

It’s beauty in bloom! Pair these pretty petals with a Textured Impressions Embossing Folder for fun and fresh florals to brighten any table-setting.

Other Supplies: Cardstock (Coral, Dark Yellow, Gray, Green, Hot Pink, Pink, Yellow), Foil Sheet (Gold), Glue Gun, Ink Pads (Dark Pink, Pink), Spray Bottle

  1. Die-cut four large Peony petals out of dark pink cardstock.
  2. Die-cut four small Peony petals out of pink cardstock.
  3. Die-cut two stamens out of yellow cardstock.
  4. Die-cut two leaves out of green cardstock.
  5. Use the spray bottle to mist the petals with water. Emboss the petals with the Azaleas embossing folder.
  6. Use an ink blending tool to ink the edges of the petals with dark pink ink.
  7. Use the Paper Sculpting Kit to shape the edges of the petals.
  8. Apply glue randomly to the surface of the small petals with a glue stick and lay gold foil over the glue. Gently peel off the foil to leave gold flecks.
  9. Layer the petals together and adhere with a hot glue.

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