Jungle Party Hat

Project #20032

Bring out the roar in your next uproarious party! Celebrate your untamed creativity with a theme that everyone’s sure to be wild about!

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Glue Gun, Hat, Small Pom-Poms

  1. Die-cut six Tropical Leaf elements out of green cardstock. Using the glue gun, adhere to the base of the hat as shown.
  2. Die-cut six to eight leaves from Eucalyptus die and glue on top of the tropical leaves.
  3. Die-cut two different sizes of the Ovals die set out of white and blue cardstock, glue these together. Once they are set, glue the ovals to the front of the hat.
  4. Die-cut the lion from the Party Cats die set in yellow-orange cardstock. Glue to the ovals.
  5. Die-cut two smaller flowers out of blue cardstock, one flower center out of yellow cardstock and two leaves out of green cardstock from the Succulent Wreath die set. Glue together and adhere to the back of the lion.
  6. Glue pom-poms randomly around the hat.

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