Flower Bouquet #2

Project #20084

Say it with flowers. This colorful floral arrangement brings out your best for any occasion, including weddings, anniversaries or just because!

Other Supplies: Cardstock (Cream, Dark Pink, Green, Light Pink, Orange, Yellow, White), Faux Foliage, Floral Foam, Glue Gun, Green Wire, Plant Pot, Scissors

  1. Die-cut the large Peony petal shape four times out of light pink cardstock and the smaller petal shape three times out of the same pink cardstock.
  2. Die-cut the large center two times out of orange cardstock, the medium center once out of orange cardstock and the smallest center once out of yellow cardstock.
  3. Shape the petals using the round stylus and the molding pad from the Paper Sculpting Kit.
  4. Glue petals and centers together to assemble the flower.
  5. Die-cut the leaf from the Peony set out of green cardstock. Adhere the leaf to the bottom of the peony. You can die-cut multiples and layer if you wish.
  6. Adhere a piece of floral wire to the bottom of the flower as a stem.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 to create peonies in as many colors as you wish.
  8. Die-cut Eucalyptus out of green cardstock and adhere the stem to a piece of floral wire. Make as many as desired.
  9. Put floral foam in the bottom of the pot. Push the wires of the flowers and leaves into the foam and arrange the bouquet, mixing in faux foliage as desired.

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