House Ornament

Project #20206

Add this Chapter 3 House Ornament to your home or make as a gift.

Other Supplies: Patterned Card, White Card, Double-Sided tape

  1. Die-cut two houses out of the patterned card.
  2. Die-cut two houses out of white card.
  3. Cut two windows out of the die-cut white card, and two roofs out of the die-cut white card.
  4. Glue on the doors, windows and roofs onto the patterned house.
  5. Assemble the house using double-sided tape. You may need to use hot glue for the roof.
  6. Tie the ribbon on top.
  7. Die-cut a circle out of gray card and die-cut the number of your advent out of the number set.
  8. Glue the circle and number onto the roof of the house.

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