Fanciful Bottle

Project #21390

Try your hand at some antique style home décor with this fanciful bottle make.


Other Supplies: Spray Water Bottle, Black Cardstock, Black Gesso, Paint Brush, Silver and Bronze Guilding Wax, Mod Podge, PVA Glue

  1. Spray a piece of black card with water. Enclose damp paper in your Fanciful Impresslits die and feed through the Big Shot Machine.
  2. Choose a good sized bottle to fit the fanciful die set, and position as pictured. Stick these in place with Mod Podge or PVA glue.
  3. Paint the bottle with Mod Podge to add texture and give a surface that paint will stick to. Allow this to dry or to speed up the process, use the Sizzix Heat Tool.
  4. Paint the whole bottle (including the die-cut pieces and lid) using black Gesso. Again wait for this to dry or use the Sizzix Heat tool.
  5. Apply silver guilding wax to your finger. Rub excess off on a spare piece of paper and then apply lightly to pick up the raised details on your make.
  6. Tip: Apply with a 'less is more' approach as a little wax goes a long way.

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