Pop-Up Plant Pot

Project #21421

We have found that pop-up is getting more and more on-trend. What a lovely card to create this Mother's Day.

Other Supplies: Patterned Paper, Liquid Adhesive, Scissors

  1. Die-cut out of aqua cardstock three foliage stems, out of light blue cardstock two plant pot bases, out of patterned paper two rectangle elements and out of light blue, orange, pink, purple and yellow a desired assortment of flowers to layer and sculpt from the Pop-Up Plant Pot die set.
  2. Die-cut out of aqua cardstock additional foliage stems from the Pop-Up Plant Pot die set. With a pair of scissors trim off a variety of leaves.
  3. With the Paper Sculpting Tool Kit, sculpt all flowers and loose leaves to create a lifelike appearance. Layer flowers as desired to create dimensional flowers, adhering each flower stack together with liquid adhesive.
  4. Fold all crease lines on each die-cut plant pot base. Assemble the two plant pot elements together with liquid adhesive. (*Note: Do not place adhesive between the upper slit where the two plant pot bases meet, as this is where the foliage will be inserted in a later step.)
  5. Adhere the patterned rectangle strips to the either side of the plant pot rim with liquid adhesive.
  6. Insert the three foliage die-cuts to the middle slit of the assembled plant pot. Glue the slit closed when the desired placement is achieved. Along the top of the plant pot, adhere the trimmed leaves near the base of the foliage stems with liquid adhesive.
  7. Adhere the sculpted flowers to various places on the foliage stems and loose leaves as desired with liquid adhesive.

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