Bunny Mask

Project #21441

Have some fun with the children during the holidays and make these fun bunny masks in time for Easter. You can create many different animal masks with this new die set making the set versatile.


Other Supplies: Sewing Machine, Thread, Hand Embroidery Needle, Fabric Glue

  1. Die-cut two large ears and two faces, and the cheeks, inner ears, and nose using the Animal Mask die set out of brown, white or pink felt.
  2. Machine stitch the two ears together and the two faces together.
  3. Machine stitch the cheeks onto the mask.
  4. Fabric glue the two ears onto the back of the mask.
  5. Hand embroiderer the pink nose onto the mask and add detail onto the cheeks by creating French knots using brown thread.
  6. Use the hole punch to create a hole on each side of the mask to allow you to thread through your ribbon.
  7. Thread pink ribbon through the holes.

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