Tiny Book Case

Project #21507

A tiny make bursting with creativity! Using ScoreBoards technology, you can effortlessly cut and score your own Tiny Book Case.

Other Supplies: Hole Punch, Marker (Black), Paper Trimmer, Ribbon, Rhinestones, Scissors, Stamp Sentiment

  1. Cut a piece of pink cardstock to 6" x 11 5/8". Apply two adhesive sheets to one side of a piece of mat board. Remove the protective backings and adhere the pink cardstock to the adhesive.
  2. Die-cut the Tiny Book Case out of the mat board.
  3. Fold along the score lines in the die-cut case. Adhere the side case panels together with liquid adhesive.
  4. With a black marker, add spots of black all over the outside of the case.
  5. Cut a small rectangle from white cardstock. Stamp a sentiment of choice to the rectangle and place a hold punch on the far, left-hand side of the rectangle.
  6. Wrap a ribbon around the outside of the box. Thread the ribbon through the hole punch on the sentiment and tie the ribbon into a bow. Trim off any excess ribbon.
  7. Add a few rhinestones to the outside of the box as desired with liquid adhesive.

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