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Sizzix Accessory - Replacement Die Brush Heads & Foam Pad for Wafer-Thin Dies


When it comes to removing excess paper in all brands of wafer-thin, chemically-etched dies, the Sizzix Die Brush does it easily and ergonomically to reveal the perfect cut. The Die Brush Replacement Heads and Foam Pad will keep your Die Brush performing at its best.

Die Brush Head Replacement Instructions:

To replace the brush head, grasp the brush head and slide one end of the brush head out of the hole in the plastic arms (the plastic arms that hold the head in place are flexible enough to release the head). Insert the new brush head, one end at time, make sure the ends of the new brush line up in the holes of the arms.

Product Dimensions
Foam Pad: 4 1/2" x 7 1/4"
3 Brush Heads, 1 Foam Pad