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Sizzix eclips Accessory - Sure Cuts A Lot Computer Software (eCAL2)


For existing eclips Electronic Shape-Cutting Machine users, Sure Cuts A Lot software is now available in a newly upgraded version to fully empower your machine with even more robust features, access and value. This exclusive software version for the eclips2 DIY Electronic Cutter, known as eCAL2, works with your computer and the eclips to enhance your creativity. In addition to cutting, scoring or drawing/editing your own shapes, you can benefit from a simplified interface and the many new creative tools, effects and options detailed below.

With eCAL2 software and the eclips2 Electronic Cutter, you can access new tools such as freehand, brush, eraser and knife as well as a stencil to easily create stencil bridges. You can also perform various effects, including 3-D Rotate, Bulge, Wave, Wrapper and more. Other options include additional fill & stroke options, multi-line text & justify options, snap to objects, duplicate rotated, plus original eCAL favorite features such as welding shapes and letters, Print2Cut, Appearance Styles, like Shadow and Blackout, use of any TrueType, OpenType and Dingbat/Wingding fonts and easy-to-create Rhinestone Templates.

eCAL2 software is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese for the eclips2 DIY Electronic Cutter.

For added fun, save design layouts and share with your friends. You can even import various file formats, including SVG and PDF.

More Features:

• Upgraded user interface for faster performance
• All-new positioning guides to help you align and center your design on the virtual mat
• Additional fill & stroke options
• Multi-line text & justify options
• Snap to objects
• Many new design effects
o 3-D Rotate – Rotate the x, y and z axises
o Bulge – Enlarge your design from top to bottom and left to right
o Canned – Wrap your design around a cylinder
o Puzzle Generator – Create your own puzzle pieces
o Wave Generator – Add waves to your shape by selecting the number of waves and the amplitude
o Cone Wrapper – Also known as conical warping; wraps your designated shapes around a cone shape
o Title Crawl – Creates a melting effect on the specified design
o Duplicate Rotated – Duplicates the design and rotates it on top of itself
Additional tools for more options:
o Lasso Selection Tool – Having trouble selecting the exact piece you want to manipulate? Lasso it!
o Freehand Tool – Draw your own shapes
o Brush Tool – Use brush to draw shapes
o Eraser Tool – Erase what you don't want to cut
o Easy Shape Tool – Create rectangles, circles, triangles, polygons and stars
o Knife Tool – Easily cut a shape in half
o Crop Tool – Crop what you want and get rid of the excess
o Stencil Bridge – Create bridges to make any shape stencil-ready
o Dropper Tool – Quickly match colors from imported photos and designs with this tool
o Gradient Tool – Instantly fill your shape with a gradient
o Ruler – Get quick and easy measurements
Plus all your favorite original eCAL features…
• Works with installed TrueType and OpenType fonts
• Works with thousands of free TrueType Fonts including Dingbat/Wingding
• Import various file formats, including SVG and PDF
• Drawing tools to draw and edit shapes
• Weld overlapping letters and shapes together
• Select styles, including Shadow and Blackout, to change look of letters and shapes
• Auto tracing feature automatically converts images for cutting
• Create Rhinestone Templates and Lattice shapes
• Print2Cut for designing, coloring and printing what you want, where you want
• Laser Cut Preview to see where you'll cut before you cut
• Cut additional shapes from Sure Cuts A Lot Library
• Easy access to the Sizzix eshape Store to download the newest designs
• WYSIWYG Interface – With Virtual Mat, what you see is what you cut
• Save your design layouts, so you can save and share your designs
• Available for Windows and Macintosh OSX
• Free technical support and access to video training series
• Plus, much more!

System Requirements:

(Win) Windows XP/Vista/7
(Win) Intel Pentium or equivalent processor
(Mac) Mac OSX 10.5/10.6/10.7
(Mac) Intel based processor
512 MB of RAM or greater
50 MB of available hard disk space
USB Port 1.1 or 2.x
Sizzix eclips2 Electronic Shape-Cutting Machine

*Internet access required for activation.

Packaged Weight
0.20 lb.