Sizzix Making Essential - Glitter, 3PK (White, Gold & Silver), 20g each

Item #663010
  • Folded Snowflakes Card
    Folded Snowflakes Card

    Create this card using a brand new die from Chapter 4!

    Project #20276
Sizzix 101

Sizzix 101

Sizzix 101

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Do you have all your making essentials? This must-have Glitter three pack is sure to add sparkle and texture to all your projects. Each pack of white, gold and silver glitter offers the perfect palette to complement any making project. It features the highest level of quality and versatility that you would expect from a Sizzix Making Essential.

Includes 3 Jars of 20g Glitter
Construction 100% Polyethylene Terephthalate

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