Sizzix Making Essential - Embossing Ink Pad, Clear

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  • Christmas Gingerbread House Card
    Christmas Gingerbread House Card

    Create your own Christmas Gingerbread Card with our Chapter 3 dies.

    Project #20200
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Do you have all your making essentials? This must-have Embossing Ink Pad is an easy way to add quick, impressive embossing effects to your projects. Use with any Sizzix Embossing Powder to create an amazing 3-D look. The clear ink allows you to see the stamped image as it will appear, without changing the true color of the embossing powder. The Embossing Ink Pad features the highest level of quality and versatility that you would expect from a Sizzix Making Essential.

Includes 1 Ink Pad
Construction 30% Esters w/ Glycerol, 54% Polyoxymethylene Castor Oil, 16% Castor Oil

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