Sizzix Making Essential - Permanent Pens, Assorted Colors, 12 Pack

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Sizzix 101

Sizzix 101

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Do you have all your making essentials? These must-have Permanent Pens are available in one pack of 12 different popular colors. Featuring dual tips with one broad and one fine point tip, each pen fully complements the making essentials color palette. These acid-free and non-toxic alcohol markers work on non-porous surfaces such as ceramics and will stain permanently. Ideal for use with Sizzix Shrink Plastic (663052, sold separately), as well as hand lettering, drawing, coloring home décor and more.

Includes 12 Pens
Construction Yellow Inks: Methoxy Propanol 50.3%, Ethanol 40.7%, Rosin 5%, Yellow 4%; Blue Inks: Methoxy Propanol 50.3%, Ethanol 38.33%, Blue 6.37%, Rosin 5%; Red Inks: Methoxy Propanol 50.3%, Ethanol 39.95%, Rosin 5%, Red 4.75%; Black Inks: Methoxy Propanol 76%, Etha

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