Ridiculously Fun Makes for Kids Part 1!

Summer Break can be hard to keep kids entertained for weeks on end. So, for those days when the kids are inside and ready for something to occupy their creative minds, we’ve put together a host of super-fun projects. From making learning fun with solar system mobiles, to getting inspired by nature with amazing rainforest jars, there’s a project every child will love!

Here are our top ridiculously fun makes for kids to have a summer to remember, filled with lots of Creative Play!


Out of This World Space Mobile

Space is such a fascinating topic, which allows kids to learn whilst having loads of fun! Explore the solar system with this project which requires a mobile hoop, string, polystyrene balls, wooden skewers, glue, paint and glitter.

To create this astronomical make, first take your variety pack of polystyrene balls which are available in most craft stores and pierce your wooden skewers in half way into each ball. Use the skewer to hold the ball upright whilst you bring your planets alive, using paint and glitter. Once decorated, leave your balls to dry by keeping them on the skewers upright in a jar or container and next paint your mobile hoop. When your planets have dried, take your string and cut to each desired length and knot one end. Take your skewers out and apply glue into the hole before pushing the knotted end of the string into the hole using your skewer. Once everything has dried, you can begin to tie the other end of the string to your mobile hoop. The result is an amazing space mobile which kids will be over the moon with!



Super Fun Confetti Bookmarks

Bookmarks are such an easy make which you can fully personalize to bring personality and style into reading. Confetti shaker bookmarks are sure to be a big hit with the kids and are really simple to make! All you require is some plastic paper pockets, fuse tool or sewing machine, a hole punch and ribbon.

First, cut your plastic pockets into two bookmark-sized rectangles and seal the edge using your fuse tool or sewing machine, leaving one short side open. Open your pocket and fill will confetti and glitter of your choice, before sealing shut. Finish by hole punching the top of your bookmark and tying ribbon for an amazing bookmark, perfect for kids!



Rainforest Jar

Capture the tropical world of the rainforest all in a mini terrarium kids will love! This budget-friendly make is perfect for bringing the magic of the outdoors in and is simple and fun to make. All you will need is a glass jar, Styrofoam, moss, artificial succulents, rocks, rainforest animal figurines and a glue gun.

To get started, open your glass jar and turn upside down as the lid will form the base for the display. To give your base some dimension, carefully pack your lid with Styrofoam and glue into place. Now for the fun bit, decorate your display with moss, small rocks, artificial succulent and rainforest figurines using the help of an adult to glue them into your desired position. Then simply complete the make by screwing the jar back on to the lid!



DIY Aquarium!

If your kids love fish and the underwater world, then they will love this exciting make! Making creating on a budget fun, DIY cardboard aquariums are sure to be a big hit with kids! A super simple way of creating your own aquarium is to use a cereal box, which you can seal closed and then carefully cut a large window, ready to create your very own underwater scene. The Under the Sea Thinlits Die Set (663363), available at Sizzix, is perfect for this make and includes a jolly jellyfish, fascinating turtle, adorable starfish, cheeky crab and bubbles!



Magical Dancing Ribbons

If you’re on the hunt for exciting outdoor activities, then look no further. These adorable dancing ribbons are fun to make and even more fun to use! Simply take some dowels, paint, ribbon and a glue gun.

Utilising many items you’ll find in your making stash, this make is a great activity for adults and kids to make together. First, take your dowel which will be your wand and paint to your desired color before leaving to dry in the summer sun. Whilst you wait, you can cut your chosen ribbon to size – make sure it’s long enough for swirling dances! Apply some glue to the end of your ribbon and secure your wand. This super quick make will create hours of energetic fun outdoors!     



We hope this has given you lots of inspiration to engage in lots of Creative Play this summer! For more making inspiration straight to your inbox, click here.


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