Budget Friendly Upcycled Fashion Trends!

Do you like one-of-a-kind fashions? Do you like to put your personal stamp on everything you wear? Do you like the idea of saving a little money and living more sustainably at the same time? If any these things are true, then upcycled fashion is the perfect creative outlet for you!

There’s nothing new about turning old clothes into new styles—remember Andie Walsh in the 1986 movie Pretty in Pink? Her upcycled wardrobe made her a fashion icon! With a little creativity, anyone can create their own unique wardrobe items. Here’s some of our favorite ideas for inspiration!

Surface Design

The simplest way to get started with upcycling fashion is with simple surface design. This can be as simple as sewing on appliques, beads or ribbons, painting, stenciling or stamping a pattern, or embroidering designs onto an existing item of clothing.

My Poppet, DIY Candy, Wobi Sobi, Designs by Heidi, The Messy Brunette, Minted Strawberry


If you can cut and you can sew, try your hand at some structural transformations. Remove collars and sleeves, add insets to a skirt…you can even sew to garments together to make something completely new!

Freckles in April, Wobi Sobi, Melody Fulone

The best thing about reconstructing old close (as opposed to making them from scratch) is that all the tough parts—buttonholes, collars, plackets—are already done. Look at these exciting before-and-after makeovers!

eHow, Ladygirl Vintage, Meggipeg


Put a fresh spin on hand-me-downs with some upcycled clothes for kids. It’s easier than you might think to turn an oversized shirt or dress into a fancy new frock for your little one. Or how about turning an old t-shirt into a pair of pajama pants?

Mother Make, All Day Chic, Hammer and Thread


Of course, fashion is more than just shirts, tops and dresses. Check out these fabulous accessory ideas made from upcycled clothing!

Crafty Chica, Lil Blue Boo, Just Bright Ideas

Every day is a great day to show off your creative personality with some one-of-a-kind upcycled fashion!

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