Cacti are everywhere this summer and we can't get enough of them! In the hopes of sparking creativity, we've put together our favorite creative and cute ways you can incorporate cacti into your makes! From home sewn makes to Creative Play, we hope this gives you lots inspiration for making this summer.


Fun Felt Garlands

Create a gorgeous cacti garland, made from felt for the perfect soft craft make! Cut felt into your desired cacti shapes and then fill with polyester filling for a fun and decorative accessory for your home.

Crazy for Cacti


Spectacular String Art

String art has taken over arts and crafts as one of the most popular trends of the season. This impressive make can be simply made with some spare wood, nails and lots of bright colored string! Once you've outlined your shape by hammering in your nails to your piece of wood, you can begin wrapping around your green thread, moving diagonally to ensure you create an intricate finish!

Crazy for Cacti


Comfy Cushions

Create the perfect summer décor with these super cute novelty cacti cushions. The ideal summer home sewn make, you'll love making a range of sizes for your cacti family. Who knew a cactus could be so comfy?!

 Crazy for Cacti


Cute Kitchen Accessories

Bring cacti into your kitchen with themed accessories such as chopping boards, oven gloves and aprons. Chopping boards can be painted to create unique and fun kitchenware, alongside creating some home sewn cacti oven gloves! If you prefer a more subtle look, why not be inspired by the natural colors of a cacti and tie-die your own apron? Tie-die is back and officially one of the top trends of the summer. Visit our "Top Trends of Summer '19!" post for loads more inspiration!

Crazy for Cacti


Cacti Rock!

If you love the appearance of cacti, but aren't so keen on the prickly spines, then why not make some out of rocks? Painting rocks is a great summer activity for Creative Playthat kids can get involved with and look great in a plant pot for some fun, novelty home décor.

 Crazy for Cacti


Making with Mason Jars

We love upcycling mason jars, as we always have some lying around and the results are amazing! Bring the desert into your home with these painted jars for the perfect summer décor. Can't stop making? Why not take up some candle making, which will look amazing in your cacti jars!

Crazy for Cacti


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