Did You Know You Can Do THIS With Tim Holtz's Stitched Slot Die-set?

Did you know that you can create amazing detail using ink and Tim Holtz's Stitched Slot die-set?  We're pretty jazzed about these amazing tips and techniques that Tim shares with us in the video above.  Whether you want to add a unique look to your make or you just want to try something new, adding ink onto your die is a beautiful and fun way to add unique accents to your crafts!

Check out the video above, full video transcription is below.

Hey everyone! It's Tim Holtz and I'm here at Sizzix headquarters. Now did you know that you can simply ink a die before you use it? It creates a unique look especially on a die like the Stitched Slots. Anything that has stitching or detail as part of your die that will actually crease it, adding ink is simply going to highlight that detail. You can see here on the stitch slots that you can use this die in a traveler's journal or a planner to tuck in your ephemera but you can see around this edge this stitching is highlighted by ink. This is how easy it is to do.

So, what we're going to do is start with a permanent ink pad. Now it's really important for this technique that you start with something permanent because we need it to adhere to the die long enough to transfer it. You're also going to need a brayer, it's going to make it the easiest way to uniformly cover the die without getting too much ink in the recessed areas. And then of course our die now the die that I'm using we want to make sure that not only does it have the blades to cut but it has some of that detail or a crease dye that's going to go in to the die and that's what's going to leave the impression. I'm going to work simply by taking my ink pad, I'm going to ink up a brayer, now to do that we want to roll and lift and that's going to coat the entire area of the brayer. I'm gonna make sure we get some nice ink on there. Go ahead and put the lid right back on this. And we want to have everything ready. So, I do have my Vagabond set up, I’ve got everything ready to go because once we ink the die you need to work quickly because the permanent ink wants to dry very fast on the surface. So, I'm going to take this and I'm going to roll right across the die you're not going to see much happening at this point especially because I'm using black ink.  But you're going to think I don't really know if this is happening. Well you know that if you've inked up your brayer there's certainly ink there. So, I'm just going around, just different angles because I want to make sure that I cover all of those raised parts of the die, there we go.

Alright So, once I do that I'm just going to slide my die off and I'm going to place it on to my paper now. I've got everything ready, I’ve got my cutting pad, my thin die adaptor and I'm going to place this face down on to my paper, not to worry about that. Take my top cutting pad, place that down I'm just going to put it into my machine. Again, we're using Vagabond the Big Shot and that pressure is going to do the cutting. So, don't worry about that but it's also going to kind of make that impression with the ink and this is what we're going to get, let's pop this out and take a look at that, take a look at that detail you can really see how the stitch lines really are highlighted because of that ink it's put into that area. And when the die is cutting it's pressing in that color.

Let's do another one we're going to do the coordinating label just to show you that anything that has that detail line not only the cut line but that crease line you can use ink on. So, I'm going to go ahead and add a little bit more ink, just gonna quickly ink up that brayer. I'm just gonna roll this on the top, do this go around pretty easy and I'm working on a nonstick surface So, you can see that that brayer kind of skips off the edge. So, just make sure you're doing that and you're not actually braying directly onto your project. Alright I'm flip that over, take our die and I'm trying to be careful not to touch the die too much because I don't want all of that ink to transfer. So, you remove these scrap pieces of paper, place another piece down, place my die again face down on there make a sandwich and we're going to put this through. God, I love the convenience of the Vagabond. I really do. Alright and of course you can change up your colors as well I'm just using black but the nice thing about this is that you can take any of your favorite permanent ink colors. And I'm working on craft paper but you can definitely use watercolor cardstock or anything like that. Now here when you have a solid line you can see that it really creates more of a drop shadow, right. Whenever you have this line that's what's really nice. It's just going to add that accent. It's not going to be super dark color like you would get with an ink pen and that is why I love simply inking your dies before you cut.

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One thought on “Did You Know You Can Do THIS With Tim Holtz's Stitched Slot Die-set?”

  • Roxanne P

    This is a great technique...something I've actually been doing. A good way to pick up that die that now has ink is either use long handle tweezers or long handle magnet...thereby not getting fingers on the ink area...its also easier to use tweezers to hold the paper down as you ink up the die. Just a lil' FYI. :) TFS!

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