DID YOU KNOW? A New Sizzix YouTube Series

Happy Tuesday, Makers! Have you ever gotten frustrated during a making or crafting session because you KNOW there's a way to do something, but no matter how much you search google, or ask your friends on Facebook, you just can't seem to find the answer? We get that. On SO many levels. That's why we've started this brand new YouTube series called Did You Know? Over the next few months, we're going to explore tons of topics, ranging from how to quickly die-cut and watercolor intricate dies, to all of the materials you can die-cut with Bigz Steel Rule dies and so much more!

We can't wait to share these fun tips, techniques and inspirational education with you in the coming weeks and months! Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss when we drop new episodes of Did You Know? and of course, let us know whenever YOU have an idea that you want to learn more about! Are you ready to check out our first four episodes? Check them out below!

Shadow Script

Did you know all the incredible ways you can use this new addition to Tim's alphabet dies? In this episode, you'll learn the different effects that can be created with Tim's Shadow Script set!

Stacked Shapes

Stacks on stacks on stacks! Did You Know that nothing pairs together better than Tim Holtz's Stacked Shapes and his Idea-ology Vignette Boxes?  Come get the full scoop on how to make the most of your mixed media makes in this episode!


Did You Know how EASY it is to make Tim Holtz's Rosettes? Come learn the best trick to creating these gorgeous embellishments in this episode!

Stitched Slot

Did You Know that there are some AWESOME tips and techniques you can use with some ink and Tim's newest Stitched Slot die? Don't skip out on this episode which is sure to teach you some awesome ways to incorporate ink in more than one make!

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26 thoughts on “DID YOU KNOW? A New Sizzix YouTube Series”

  • Rose M Brady

    I was looking for the non skid mat you were using but could not find one called exactly that. Which one of the mats were you using?
    Thank you

    My biggest problem I have is for some dumb reason I have the hardest time pushing the rosette down. The paper either splits or I just give up any help ideas?

    • dchavez

      The craft mat is Tim's newest Glass Media Mat from Tonic Studios. Regarding the rosette, have you tried Tim's Washi Tape Trick? He demonstrates it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP6BhhN0gys

    • Rosetta Jenkins
      Rosetta Jenkins Apr 18, 2018 at 09:29 pm

      Rose. Do you put the washi tape in the back before you start folding? That eliminates the tearing. Also after you fold and attach ends stand it up over the glob of hot glue. Push center down into the hot glue glob. Then attach the center. Hope this helps.

      • Rose Brady

        Thanks Rosetta for your help. The new rosetta dies and the tape really did make a difference. I have a glue gun I have not used yet but will start using it now.

    • Rose Brady

      I got my new rosette dies from Tim's and I love them and found them very easy to push down however not sure if it all die or I also did the washi tape trick. But I don't have any washi tape right now so I used a piece of tape and it worked as well and none of them split which may be the result of the tape. So excited with the new die

  • Barb O.

    Love these tutorials! Looking forward to more of them.

  • barbara lassiter
    barbara lassiter Apr 11, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    Did you know? I love this "did you know " series. Thanks! It's always great to learn how to use our stash of stamps, dies and other products more efficiently!

  • Susan Kesselman
    Susan Kesselman Apr 11, 2018 at 01:59 pm

    Great format for a lot of mini lessons! Nice for refresher courses, too!

  • Maureen Morton
    Maureen Morton Apr 11, 2018 at 03:36 pm

    Fun tips! What about using a dauber for inking the stitching on dies? I'm not a big fan of brayers. Thanks!

  • Dolly LaBelle
    Dolly LaBelle Apr 12, 2018 at 08:21 am

    Loved the short, yet detailed videos! Was able to watch all 4 with coffee break. Thank you Tim

  • Danielle Gale
    Danielle Gale Apr 12, 2018 at 08:52 am

    I would love to see a tutorial how to cut & emboss with a thin die using my Vagabond. I’ve read up on it and bought the different platforms and embossing pad, but can’t seem to get it to work. Help!!! I have so many thin dies that have great embossed detail that I would love to use. Thanks!

    • Judy Freme

      I, too, would like to see this subject addressed. After reading all that I can find on the subject, I’m not sure what I need to buy to emboss with these thin dies successfully. I have the Vagabond 2 and don’t seem to have any problems with cutting but can’t seem to emboss using the thin dies.

  • KATH

    Love this blog!!

  • Monika.buzsy

    Cool tips and techniques! Especially love the helpful hints making the rosette!

  • LisaJ

    Love this idea of short clips of tips & tricks! My question is probably more for Sizzix. Why does the cutting plates now have tapered ends? I like to partial die cut and with out the straight edge it's really hard to know exactly where the plate ends. You kinda have to guess where the cutting will stop. You should make the plates with only one end tapered. Or just go back to no taper.

    • dchavez

      Thanks for your question, Lisa! We appreciate your feedback. To answer your question, the tapered ends were created to make it easier to slide the pads into your machine.

  • Ann Cornell

    Going to cut a rosette immediately. I love mine but doing one without a tear is RARE! This is the answer. Thanks Sizzix and Tim.

  • Dian

    Love these tips and tricks! I love my sizzix dies and it's great to see more ways to use as well as tips for easier use. Great Job Tim and Sizzix!!

  • Helena Cuttino
    Helena Cuttino Apr 15, 2018 at 09:29 am

    This is a great way to show all you can do with your products to take them to another level. I love the tip on inking up your dies, will definitely use this. Would love to see if there is a tip on how place a mat evenly !

  • Caki

    Love this format and admire Tim Holz, so creative. Will be ordering the rosette dies ?

  • Pennie

    First of all, who doesn’t love seeing Tim Holtz in action? WOW! I found these, Did You Know, videos very informative. I would continue to watch these, especially if Tim was doing them.

  • iamdawt

    I appreciate these videos, thank you! Not only do I need to see how things work instead of just reading directions, I like a good refresher course as well. I sometimes forget about the different ways you can use one die or tool. So thank you for this, I hope it becomes a regular feature with all of your lines.

  • Sue

    I am really finding these tips and tricks great. I absolutely love the studio background that Tim is working in - very cool! I like learning the different ways to use products and really enjoy these tutorials.

  • Jackie

    Love all the you tube tuitorials from Tim Holtz. Thank you!

  • Rebecca H

    I'm a big and long time fan of Sizzix products. The Did You Know Videos are excellent . Thank You for your continuing to provide useful information and demonstrations for all your products.

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