How To Create Origami Cards Using Essential Shapes

Hi everyone! It's Alexis from the Art Room. The past few weeks I have been playing around with the origami trend. Origami is a fun way to alter basic shapes into unique, dimensional designs. Today I wanted to share three quick and easy ways to incorporate this technique into your cardmaking.

Dahlia Fold

The dahlia fold was the first technique that caught my eye when it came to origami shapes. All you need is a simple circle shape to begin creating beautiful designs!

The above image shows how to fold each shape from start to finish. For a close up on some of the steps keep reading.

1. Die-cut 8 small circles out of double-sided patterned paper.

2. Fold each circle in half. Then fold them in half again. Fold the outer layer on each side to create a lip for each side.

3. Unfold the circle with the folded flaps facing down. Fold the two points on each side towards the center fold line to create your final origami shape.

4. Adhere the eight origami shapes around the center of a die-cut circle with liquid adhesive. (*Tip: to get the shapes as close to one another as possible, pull the flaps up while gluing the pieces side by side. Once the shapes adhere, then fold the tabs back down).

5. Add a button to the center of the circle with hot glue.

6. Add your origami design to a card front and embellish with a simple sentiment using the Pop Art Uppercase die set.


Scallop Circle Fold

Another fun shape to work with is the scalloped circle. With a different folding technique, this shape brings a whole new look to your final design.

1. Die-cut out of double-sided patterned paper 4 scalloped circles.

2. Create a small lip along the bottom of each circle by folding a small portion of the circle towards the center of the shape.

3. Face your main desired pattern design face down, with the folded edge facing in on the other pattern face up. Fold the circle in half on itself. Unfold the circle and flip the circle with the main pattern face up. Fold each of the bottom corners in towards the center to create the final origami design.

4. Adhere the four origami shapes around a die-cut circle with liquid adhesive. As with the dahlia fold, follow the same tip for lining up the die-cuts as closely to one another as possible.

5. Tie a piece of twine through a button and adhere the button to the center of the design with hot glue. Adhere the design to a card base with double-sided adhesive.


Shadow Box Fold

Our final folding technique is a fun play on shadow box trends. This particular fold allows you to customize for any occasion by adding personalized die-cuts into the center pocket that is created.

1. Die-cut out of double-sided patterned paper a square.

2. Fold the square in half and unfold it when done. Fold each corner of the square towards the center line until all four corners create flaps.

3. Fold the tip of each flap out to align with the edge of each flap.

4. Round out your design by adding die-cuts to the center pocket and adhering the shape to a card front. I embellished the card above with the Azaleas 3-D Embossing Folder and Flower Set Thinlits Die Set from Chapter 2.



I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy tips to add a little dimension to your cards using essential shapes in your die stash. Are there any other shapes I should be on the lookout for? Share your ideas with me in the comments section! Until next week!


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